Galloping Gumbo!

Only a few days away from the premiere of Chapter 3 of our podcast! This one is going to be awesome! Hope you will tune in Sept 1st
I had a sort of magical thing happen yesterday I wanted to share with you! I am currently writing Season 2 of the podcast. One of the episodes features a memory of growing up learning to cook with the Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr. Just about the best chef ever and really taught me everything I ever knew about cooking!
Best Chef Ever!
Best Chef Ever!

Now I know what you are thinking. . . What does the Galloping Gourmet have to do with this bizarre and crazy podcast? You have to tune in for Season 2 to find out! When does Season 2 start? Looks like March!

So as I am writing I started to wonder how he was doing. I ended up sending him an email and then later I got a phone call from him! I was truly honored to speak with him and we had a great conversation. More importantly, I got to finally thank him for helping me learn to cook. He was touched to be a part of the memory and the podcast. A wonderful man. He has a new book out and if you love him or remember him – definitely go check it out!
I love how this project has made these connections!
I am thrilled to be able to create this project for you. I hope you enjoy the wild ride!
Mysteriously Yours!

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